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Marriage should come with an instruction manual. Unfortunately - it doesn't. It's hard to combine the lives of two independent people. Issues of chores, money, communication, time, parenting, sex, plans for the future - all can complicate life and negotiating these land mines can be difficult. I work with couples to create a partnership, a team. To know that their partner has their back and is their champion. Together we endeavor to heal past hurts and build a relationship that will sustain them into the future. Its important to remember why you fell in love in the first place. Personally, I think every marriage should have some form of counseling. Everybody gets it wrong sometimes - and everybody can improve what they have.

Some common fears about marriage counseling:

Men - Many times we men feel that we are being dragged into marriage counseling because we have failed. Some nosy therapist is going to go poking around in our past mistakes and come up with the conclusion that it's all our fault. It's the old blame and shame routine. But as a husband, I know that men want their marriages to grow just as much as their wives do and many times we just don't know how. We try and try and somehow we just aren't being heard and not meeting our wife's needs.

I don't like blame and I don't like being picked on. I know that men communicate in a different way and that way is legitimate. It may be frustrating to women - but that doesn't mean it's wrong. I work with men to re-connect with their spouse in a more effective way. If you think that marriage counseling is about being beat up on by your wife and the therapist and being told how wrong you are - that's not what this is.
Women - A lot of times women fear marriage counseling because they also fear they are going to be blamed. They fear they are going to be seen as a nag or someone who can never be satisfied. Wives come to counseling with the idea that they are going to be given a list of all the things they are doing wrong. Not true. Again - I don't like blame and shame.

This process is about re-igniting love and passion and understanding. It's about learning how to hear and how to talk so you are heard.

I sometimes hear from wives: "I've just fallen out of love. I love my husband, but I'm not "in love" with him." Yes, falling back in love is possible. You have to feel safe and wanted and you have to be motivated - but you can build that marriage you always wanted.

I like to think of myself as a consultant. The three of us look at what is going well - and we build on that. We look at what has fallen apart, and we pick up the pieces and build something stronger. There really are some simple techniques to make a marriage healthy and strong and vibrant.

I am not a referee. I never want one of my clients to say to their spouse: "Just wait until I tell Clay what you just did!" That is not my job. My job is to give you tools so that YOU can make your life and marriage better. Your marriage is something sacred between the two of you. I am not a third party that enters into that bond - I am a resource that the two of you can use to build the relationship you want.

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Going to counseling is not failing - it is acknowledging the difficulty of marriage and finding expert resources to make things better. Counseling is sometimes the only safe place a couple has to be heard. The only place to get things out that have been festering for too long. This is not a blame game. It's not win and lose. It's we are in this together - lets figure it out.

While there may be no instruction manual available for marriage - there are guides out there that have been down this road before - and can help you negotiate the way.

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