Keep the Spark Alive With These Seven Date Night Suggestions

Keep the Spark Alive With These Seven Date Night Suggestions

Keep the Spark Alive With These Seven Date Night Suggestions

I think it’s time we talk about date night ideas for married folk.

Spill the beans; did the last date night with your spouse feature your 5 year old wailing in the background? If yes, then it is about time you update your date game. Relationships need novelty and freshness time to time. It is true that now you cannot treat every weekend as your dating getaway portal due to various added responsibilities like kids, and increasing work load. But it is highly important to keep things interesting in your marriage and increase relationship satisfaction by bringing back those butterflies in your tummy.


Planning a fulfilling date night is not easy, especially when you feel like you have been there and done that for several hundred times now. Let us help you with some awesome suggestions that will guide youin enjoying a refreshing evening with your better half, even on a budget.

Send the Kids away, or bring in a babysitter

This is a rule; you can’t have kids around when you are treating yourself with some special time together. This is because kids tend to divert your attention and you need to be on your toes to fulfill their many needs. Hire a trustworthy babysitter to look after them while you are away having the time of your life. If you are planning for an at-home date, ask your parents or in laws to have them over, if possible. Make sure you leave your kids in safe hands, so that you are mentally at ease with the safety and security of your children.

Set up your own wine tasting

Wine tasting is a way of getting all philosophical and sophisticated about the top notes and your palette. Many local bars offer eight ounce brew sizes that are perfect for sampling. So pick a poison of your choice, it can be whisky, tequila, wines, vodka, anything that suits your mood. Things that you are going to need include a variety of beverages to be tasted, glasses, spring water at room temperature, and unsalted crackers.


Movie Marathon

How many months has it been since you two binge watched movies together in the comfort of your home, without pausing to check on the kids?

Pile up lots of blankets and pillows on your living room floor, bring in popcorn and drinks, and enjoy the movies! You can pick the movies that have any special symbolic meaning to you, for example, the first movie you both watched together. Or you can go for foreign movies, old movies, or the new ones that you wanted to watch but didn’t get time. This will remind you of your younger years, and you can bond on how far you both have come together in life.

Head Outdoors


Outdoors don’t always mean movies or eating. There are various ways via which you can amplify your outdoor experience, like stargazing. Many observatories offer a public viewing night with guided star tours; you can visit the observatories and get a firsthand experience on astronomy. If that’s not possible, you can simply sit in your backyard and make bets on who will find the North Star first. You can also head to the farmer’s market and take advantage of the freshest seasonal produce. When you get home, you can make scrumptious dinner for two. These are creative, yet budget sensitive ways of spending quality time together.

Put a twist to conventional eating out

Instead of doing the offbeat candle light dinner again, put a fun twist to your eating out experience by exploring the lesser known coffee shops in your area that you didn’t visit before. Taste their specials and most popular picks and make a mental note of getting your coffee from there the following Monday. This is an excellent bonding exercise where you will be discovering new things with someone you have known for ages. You can also hold a fondue night for two at home, or cook a healthy dinner at home together. Now how long has it been since you cooked without worrying about missing your regular commute?


Break a Sweat

There are numerous recreational sports that will help you relieve your tense muscles and come closer as a couple.


Many parks offer cheap day rentals, so you can go kayaking and spend the day paddling away your humdrum routine. Other options include learning a new dance, and trying a new fitness class together. You can also take a hike to enjoy beautiful landscapes. Moreover, you can take experimental yoga classes or zumba classes as well. This is a creative way to reduce cortisol levels and increase the much needed dopamine levels in your blood. In this way, you will know that there still are things out there that you both haven’t experienced yet, and will build your interest in the relationship.

Explore your locale!

You may take same route every day for work, this time, find a different route on your date night and you will find a whole new world waiting to be explored. Discover a new museum and act like a tourist, or maybe even volunteer together, the latter being a scientifically proven happiness booster.


Moreover, you can also go on a book reading event as local bars and coffee shops organize book reading evenings where upcoming writers hold question and answer sessions. For a more creative date night, you can take part in a scavenger hunt as well.

It is advisable for couples to give special time together a high priority because it helps them to stay connected and it is the best way to pull back from the mundane daily routine by remembering there is an ‘us’ laying underneath the chaos of everyday life.

To help keep a marriage strong, date nights should be fun and novel so that you don’t get bored with time spent together. That doesn’t mean you guys must immediately indulge in extreme sports for the sake of novelty, but simply make an effort to think about innovative and artistic ways to spend time together.


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