Bethany Snipes, LCSW

Bethany Snipes, LCSW

Marriage Counselor

Secular approach

Military Experience (Special Forces)


Life Transitions

Communication Skills

$125 per session


About Bethany

When people ask me why I do this work, my answer is simply because I love it! Seeing people change before my eyes from confusion, hopelessness, and pain to hope, optimism and a life they fall in love with is what motivates me to go above and beyond for my clients. Helping individuals and couples is by far my calling. My passion for this work has led me to work with some of the most specialized men and women in our country’s military. Working with Special Operations military personnel and their spouses has enabled me to become an expert in military counseling and coaching to obtain quick, but lasting results for this fast paced and often long-distance population. I can take individuals from trauma, low esteem or debilitating anxiety to rich and empowered lives. Couples have reported that before working with me they were on the verge of divorce and after working with me, they experience intimacy, a long lasting connection/understanding and a deeper sense of love for each other and their family. I am enthusiastic and practical but have an understanding that the emotions are the guiding light to life. I love working with people who are motivated and ready to take practical steps to discover their authentic self and gain a deeper understanding of how their thoughts, feelings and behaviors work together. For those that want a passive interaction with a counselor, I may not be the right fit for you. I believe that everyone has the capacity to live their best ideal life when they identify their priorities (values) and set up their feelings and behaviors based on their genuine thoughts about their own life, and their life in relation to others.  

Transforming your life, including work, family relationships, and your relationship with your self is absolutely worth the investment. I start where you are and maintain the idea that true power and healing is in the present moment, not in the past or future. Life coaching is major component of my work with the ability to work through your past and diagnoses if therapeutically appropriate. I use traditional tools, such as CBT and ACT, in addition to, non-traditional tools, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is an effective and quick tool that anyone can use to quickly work through challenging emotions and situations.  This is the day to reach out and start the path to healing and life transforming change!

Bethany graduated from the University of Georgia with her MSW in 2007. Since then she has dedicated her time and energy to helping countless individuals and couples with empowering and transforming their lives. 

I am fully licensed in the state of South Carolina and Georgia, and when working with couples who reside in these states, I will function as a Marriage Counselor and the process of our work will be termed Marriage Counseling. For those couples living outside of either South Carolina or Georgia, I will function as a Marriage Consultant and the process of our work will be termed Marriage Coaching.

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