Denise F. Casley, MA, LPC

Denise F. Casley, MA, LPC

Staff Clinician

Secular approach

Substance abuse issues

Military Families

Infidelity issues

$125 per session


Couples Counselor

I love working with couples. I became a couples’ counselor because I saw how my parents truly loved each other. I love building relationships with people. I love seeing how couples connect with each other. So, I become a couples’ counselor to help couples maintain staying power in their marriage.

I am fully licensed in the state of South Carolina, and when working with couples who reside in South Carolina, the process of our work will be termed Marriage Counseling. For those couples outside of South Carolina, the process of our work will be termed Marriage Coaching.

How I Work

I use many different strategies to guide, engage, support, and improve communication in your relationship. If you are wishing for helpful communication tools to help you improve your relationship then I am your counselor, coach, your cheerleader. I use a solution-focused approach to support you in engaging in more solution talk and less problematic talk that is getting you nowhere. Importantly, I am a flexible counselor and can utilize various strategies to meet your needs. If you like homework, I can help you out or if you just want someone to listen, I can help you out too with a couples centered approach.

Example Session With Me Will Include

  • Couples Identifying the Problems
  • Assertive Communication Skills
  • Solution-Focused Strategies
  • Brief Cognitive Behavioral Strategies for Couples

What Are You Like?

I’m open, honest, respectful, funny, and able to set healthy boundaries. I honor my clients’ individual differences and I am able to put my clients at ease. If you are looking for a therapist who is caring, will honor your truth and support you through difficult situations, we might be a good fit.


My Beliefs about this Important Work

Relationships are not easy. We get disappointed when Prince Charming is not the real deal and when Princess Goldie is not so sweet. Phase of life issues happen and it changes the tone of communication and how we experience each other. Remember Barbra Streisand Song, “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore”. Bummer!

However, there is hope. There is me, a professional that will support you through your relationship without judgement and ridicule. Do you feel like your partner has become a stranger? Do you feel like your partner does not listen to you? Are you still communicating with your partner? Do you feel misunderstood by your partner? Have you lost your love connection with your partner?

Sometimes partners are afraid to start a difficult conversation. I want to help you start that conversation and move into solutions that will help you get your relationship back on track.


  • (B.S.) Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology
    • Francis Marion University
  • (M.A.) Masters of Art in Counseling
    • Webster University


I started my career working with clients that were physically and emotionally abused. I have 28 years of experience working in the following settings: A Community Mental Health Center working with clients diagnosed with Mild and Severe Mental Illness, 2) A behavioral health setting where I provided employee assistance services, many which were couples, 3) I have worked on military installations providing brief solution-focused consultation to military  couples counseling and families 4) I have worked in Behavioral Health Settings working with individuals identified with mild, moderate and severe substance use disorders.  5) A private practice focused on relationship issues in which I continue to cater to couples from all backgrounds. 6) I provide expert consultation/counseling to adults, children, and families to manage difficult phase of life issues. 7) I provide wellness training for various businesses by request.

Online Marriage Counseling can help.

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