Earl Lewis, LPC

Earl Lewis LMFT, LPC

Marriage Counselor

Secular approach

Substance Abuse issues

Communication skills

Relationship Crisis

$125 per session

I quickly realized after helping so many people, this was what I wanted to do.


Why I am a Couples Counselor

When I was in school, so many of my friends and family would be concerned about various issues in their lives. The number 1 topic they brought up: relationships. Every few weeks it seemed someone would call or text me emotional and frustrated about how they were with their partner but felt things weren’t going right or how they just didn’t understand. I heard their cries, saw their tears, and wanted to help.

How I Work

I use a variety of tools, techniques, and education to help your relationship get from good to better. If you are like most people, you want answers. I want to help you identify some so you can progress forward. I take a strengths based approach where I believe in understanding the problem, Identify what’s working and not working, and collaborative planning effective goals to move your relationship forward.

Example Session With Me May Include

  • Couples Counseling Intake
  • Couples Counseling Assessment
  • Direct Conflict Discussions
  • Solution Focused Interventions
  • Relationships Goals

What Are You Like?

I’m an open-minded, friendly, humble person who respects each of my client’s and their concerns. I engage fully with my clients and I enjoy a good laugh. If you are looking for a therapist who is down to earth but also challenging, we may be a good fit.

My Beliefs about this Important Work

Relationships are TOUGH! We have this idea in our head of what our ideal partner and relationship is going to be. Then, Life Happens. Someone gets laid off, finances can get tight, you don’t agree on how to manage the house, you both communicate differently, conflict resolutions styles are different, and we haven’t gotten into external influences like family, children, and your community among others.

However, relationships can be successful and I believe some couples just need an unbiased professional to sit with them and go over key areas that are truly affecting the relationship. Is there something getting in the way of your relationship? Do you want to share something with your partner but are afraid of how they will react? Has a significant event occurred that’s slowed you two down but neither are talking about it?

Everyone has something they want to say to their partner but may struggle to get them to understand. I want to help you get those dark areas into the light so we can get things better.


  • (B.A.) Bachelor’s in Psychology, Concentration in Childhood Development
    • New Jersey City University
  • (M.A.) Master’s in Counseling, Concentration in Mental Health
    • New Jersey City University
  • (Ed.S) Educational Specialist in Couples and Family Therapy
    • The College Of New Jersey


I started my career working with clients identified with developmental disabilities in residential homes. A very tough population where I assisted them in their residence. Since then, I’ve worked at, 1. A university clinic helping couples and families struggling with conflicts,  2.) A state hospital treating clients struggling with daily mental health issues. 3.) A community clinic with clients diagnosed with a Severe and  Persistent Mental Illness. 4.) A private practice focused on relationship issues. 5.) In-home parent coaching/counseling for frustrated parents struggling with their child.

I am fully licensed in the state of New Jersey, and when working with couples who reside in New Jersey, I will function as a Marriage Counselor and the process of our work will be termed Marriage Counseling. For those couples living outside of New Jersey, I will function as a Marriage Consultant and the process of our work will be termed Marriage Coaching.

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