Lynda Wade, MS, LAPC, NCC, DCC

Lynda Wade, MS, LAPC, NCC, DCC

Marriage Counselor

Secular approach

Military Families

Parent Coach / Child Issues

Gottman Trained

Women’s Issues

Fee $125 per session


Marriage & Family Therapist

During my undergraduate work in Psychology I learned very quickly that I enjoyed studying and learning about human behaviors and social interactions. I took the time to grow my interpersonal skills and develop my therapeutic interventions in intentional ways to allow myself to become skilled in the areas where I knew clients would need the most help—marriage and family work! I enjoy working with couples on relationship issues, family conflict, and parenting in an effort to build healthier families and put an end to intergenerational dysfunction.

I have specialized training in Gottman Couples Method Therapy (backed by over 40 years of research!). As a Certified Parent Educator I have training in numerous parent education curriculums that allow me to provide guidance in various areas of parenting. I have been working with families for over eight years and enjoy helping create healthier family systems.

How I Work

I have a solid foundation of educational skills and working experience to pull from. Based on my training I have a variety of tools and techniques to choose from to help guide my clients forward toward their goals. During our sessions I will help you identify your goals and work to provide you with the knowledge and skills to reach these goals. My job is not to solve your problems for you, but to offer insight and skills to arm YOU with the abilities to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself and your family- whatever those may be. I am always non-judgmental, supportive, and help hold you accountable to the goals you have set for yourself. I meet clients where they are, I understand it can be hard to share your troubles with a stranger. I strive to be supportive while also pushing you to explore the underlying thoughts and emotions that keep you stuck in unhealthy living.

What Are You Like?

My approach to therapy is client-centered, meaning the focus is on YOU. I take a non-judgmental approach to allow you to feel comfortable sharing your concerns and needs in a safe environment where we can work together to find solutions for your stressors and achieve your goals. One of the biggest predictors of positive therapy outcomes is the quality of the therapist-client relationship, because of this I value bringing authenticity to sessions where my clients feel they have an understanding of who I am as a person and what to expect in our interactions. My authenticity in the therapeutic process allows me to build rapport quickly with my clients, which means we can get comfortable and start working quickly. The human connection is a powerful thing!

My Beliefs about this Important Work

Marriage and Family Therapy is very important work, because human interactions are a constant in our day to day lives. How we interact with others and the stressors this can bring play an integral part in our mental health. When we consider the amount of time we interact with our partners and children it is no surprise these are the individuals we have the highest chance of taking for granted, causing conflict with, and allowing to push our own buttons. As a marriage and family therapist it is my job to help you discover the areas that need work and guide you on the journey to set goals and ask for what you need in these relationships. By doing so you will find less stress and conflict during your interactions with partners, family, and yourself!

When we look at a romantic relationships it is easy to get carried away by the romance and hope for the best. But the truth is ALL relationships take work! Whether you need to explore these concepts before marriage, re-evaluate during the marriage, or work to dis-engage I am here to help. For those in unhealthy relationships (such as those who love a narcissist) it can be a struggle to navigate the relationship issues because you have lost yourself along the way. I am experienced in leading clients through the process of separating the toxic effects of such relationships, building healthy self-esteem, and moving on to find healthier relationships the next time around.

Becoming a parent can be stressful and scary! Often times clients come to me with questions regarding basic parenting needs as well as how to navigate the changes adding a baby can have on the romantic partnership. I utilize my extensive training in family studies, child/adolescent therapy, and parent education to help guide couples on how to offer healthy parenting in order to build healthy children and maintain healthy relationships with their partner at the same time.

Sessions With Me May Include

  • Gottman Couples Method Techniques
  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Solution Focused Interventions
  • Goal Setting
  • Parent Education
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Building Self-Esteem

Areas of Focus

  • Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Gottman Couples Method
  • Military Family needs
  • Narcissistic Relationship Recovery
  • Infertility Issues
  • Women’s Issues
  • Parent Education
  • Adoptive Parenting  
  • Co-Parenting in Divorce
  • Divorce Adjustment Issues
  • New Parent Education (baby care as well as how this transition affects the relationship)
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Child Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Parenting Children Exposed to Sexual Abuse


  • (B.A.) Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
  • (M.S.) Master of Science, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • In Progress—(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy Marriage and Family Therapy, Concentration in Child & Adolescent Therapy
  • Graduate Certificate, Family Studies
  • Certified Parent Educator


I have been working with families in various capacities in the mental health field for the last eight years. Previous to entering the mental health field I spent many years working in the medical field, which has helped set a solid foundation in client interactions, customer services, and confidentiality issues.

As a former military spouse I have first hand knowledge of the stressors and needs of our military families who sacrifice so much to serve our country while also trying to maintain healthy partnerships and raise well-adjusted children in situations where frequent moves, separations, high stress, and transitions become the way of life. I also have experience working in both DOD and VA facilities, so I come with the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses both of these can offer military families.

During my work in the social services field I have worked along side several non-profit agencies that served issues including domestic violence, rape crisis, and child advocacy centers. These have all helped provide me with knowledge and interventions to help guide clients who may be facing some of these struggles. I have also served as the director of family services at a residential treatment facility for women who are in recovery from substance abuse addiction. During my role as director I offered family therapy to those in recovery as well as their children and partners. This is where my love of parent education was formed. General parent education was provided as well as in-vivo parenting skills during parent-child outings!

Most recently, I work as a child and family therapist in a private practice setting where I offer couples therapy to adults and play therapy to children. I also continue to offer parent education to many families. I enjoy my work and continue to be passionate about my professional development and expanding my skills in a way to offer the highest quality of care to all of my clients. They say do what you love and you won’t work a day—I have been blessed to do just that.

I am licensed in the state of Georgia, and when working with couples who
reside in Georgia, the process of our work will be termed Marriage Counseling. For
those couples outside of Georgia, the process of our work will be termed Marriage

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